Integration services

We have 25 years experience with hardware integration for real time systems, as well as software development and software configuation management. If you wish to enquire about our services then please complete the form below.

Contact form

Please list the names of persons to be contacted and ways in which contact should be made. If you have specified a number for voice calls then please specify your international dialing code and your time zone.

Please describe in detail the nature of the work including any equipment which may be required and information about your anticipated scheduling for the work.

You can also call Michael Smith directly on +61 416 062 898

Our skills and experience

Operating Systems

  • HP Tru64 UNIX
  • Linux
  • BSD
  • Android
  • OpenVMS
  • AVR microcontrollers

Version control tools

  • Mercurial
  • Git
  • CVS
  • SVN
  • Clear Case

Tools generally

  • RIS (on Tru64)
  • PXE (on NetBSD and Linux)

Programming languages

  • C
  • Java

Application Programming interfaces

  • Posix
  • Motif (also Xlib, Xt)
  • AWT
  • Swing
  • Java
  • Andriod
  • OpenVMS
  • Java

Scripting languages

  • Perl
  • ksh
  • awk


  • Apache
  • QMail
  • Samba
  • Minecraft
  • NTPD
  • NFS servers and clients


  • Public key cryptography